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  • Nazwa: Zia3 Opening Sequence

STATYSTYKI Z DNIA : 20.12.2017

  • Wersja:1.1
  • Installations: Fewer than 10
  • Wymagana wersja WordPressa: 3.5
  • Testowana wersja WordPressa: 4.5.0

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Opis działania

Zia3 Opening Sequence is a pure CSS opening screen for any website by Serkan Azmi
What Can This Plugin Do?

Cross browser compatibility
Responsive design (will work on any device and screen size)
You can specify title and link along with your website slogan and link.

This plugin does one thing and one thing only, to keep it small yet fully functional.
About the Shortcode:
There are 7 parameters total that you can use with this shortcode. The ID being the only one that’s absolutely required.
List of parameters:


[zia3_os id=”333″ fo0nt_size=”30″ link_title=”My Title” link=”http://mydomain.com/” slogan=”My Slogan” slogan_link=”http://mydomain.com/” link_color=”255,255,255″ slogan_link_color=”255,255,255″]

NOTE FOR THEME DEVELOPERS: This plugin makes use of both wp_head() and wp_footer() so if your theme is missing either you may experience issues using this plugin.

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